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Welcome to Khaya Pave's website. You will learn more about paving, stones and cladding here.

Do you want to bring character and warmth into your garden? Learn to to emulate the natural rustic charm of real stone to enhance your garden or house. Pave with realistic looking stone!

Paving's rugged shapes and textures will provide the grace, elegance and beauty of natural stone to your garden or house.

A wide variety of paving stone is available to choose from, for instance Flagstones, Pavers, Tiles, Cobbles, Walling, Cladding . For Garden Products we suggest african maize grinding stones bird baths and garden kerbs.

Most popular products are Old Cape Pavers, Magalies Pavers, Huguenot Cobbles, Railway Sleepers and Wynberg Cladding. See the Products Section for a more indepth look.

Pave your way today!!


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Realistic looking Stone
African maize grinding stones bird baths
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